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You asked few times, so then I will answer. The collection is made to my size at the start. Who knows me then you know what I look like. Who doesn’t – I’m 174 cm/5′ 9″ tall and I wear size M. So you will have some imagination what the clothes are like. We can tailor it to your size of course, we can sew it in a different color too. I chose the colors more or less for myself.

When I looked around and I haven’t seen so many gray clothes in a long time. MY opinion is that WE SHOULD SHINE. We are women, so let’s be them. Inside, outside. And we will say for nothing that CLOTHES MAKE THE WOMAN is just a cliché, because it’s true. We know ourselves that how we dress is how we feel. And my desire is for us to feel like princesses, even like queens.

Do you want to know the size and the prices? Just please contact me at my Instagram. I’m not cheap and I’m not dear. I know who I am working with, the fabrics are made exclusively for MY COLLECTION and thanks to wonderful people and companies I can bring you something truly EXCEPTIONAL.


With Love

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