New Collection of Jackets

Black Velvet Jacket

It is a black jacket with a white label on the back that reads “VELVET LOVE by MOJA Collection”. It is a bold and mysterious outfit for a street or urban style. The jacket has a long and loose fit that covers most of the body. The fabric is thick and sturdy, and the color is dark and sleek. The white label adds some contrast and intrigue to the jacket. The jacket has a modern and edgy look that can be worn with different kinds of clothes and accessories. The jacket is a cool choice for anyone who likes to wear expressive and original clothes. 

Smaragd Velvet Jacket

It is a dark green velvet jacket that is long and elegant. It is a sophisticated and luxurious outfit for a formal or festive occasion. The coat has a black collar and lapels that contrast with the green velvet. The jacket is buttoned up with black buttons that match the collar and lapels. The fabric is soft and smooth, and the color is deep and rich. The jacket has a classic and refined look that can be paired with different kinds of accessories. The jacket is a beautiful choice for anyone who wants to wear a stylish and classy coat. 

Jackets are available in all sizes, any requests please DM us here.

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