My Collection is Different

When I create something new it’s new for me too, but people around me noticed that. I would like to thank you all for your interest, BIG THANKS to women who wear my clothes. And I know that you feel in them dresses exactly the way I create them – with love.

So that make us women feel like WOMEN, to have a little sophistication in them, to make you feel sexy, and so far every customer of mine has confirmed that she can be SEEN. Yes, I’m not exactly the type who wants to sit in the corner either, quite the opposite. If I can show that everything can be done DIFFERENTLY then that’s the way for me.

And I thank you for the trust you giving me. Also I’m thankful for my courage to start with everything. At the moment I am already working on the autumn collection. If you are interested in creating something DIFFERENT for yourself, write to me and we will create it together. Because I’m here exactly to make each of you stand out. And believe me, measurements DO NOT matter. It depends on the feeling, and I will give you that feeling, let it be absolutely perfect.

Thank you.

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